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Works, projects, and publications:

Lars Stannard grew up in the frozen wilderness of Minnesota among the endless suburbs, the lakes, and near an abundance of pine trees.


He currently resides in London, in the United Kingdom, where he graduated with a Master's in Writing from the Royal College of Art. While his writing usually centres around fabulist fiction, he has started writing experimental essays with an emphasis on politics, pop culture, the suburbs, autofiction,  and Collapse.

Lars also specialises in screenwriting and has several scripts and films under his belt. He has years of experience editing scripts.

When he's not writing, he works as an editor for JAWS (Journal of Arts Writing by Students), an academic arts journal distributed to universities across the UK, EU, USA, and Canada.


He is currently working on a few scripts, two novels, a collection of short stories, and a collection of essays about growing up in North American suburbs.


Manly Beach, Australia, photo by: Lars Stannard

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